1. (4 tops) Can a meaningful difference be drawn betwixt hacking and "cracking"?
2. (2 top) What is meant by "active bulwark hacking" or "counter hacking"?
3. (2 top) What, accurately, is cybercrime?
4. (6 tops) Identify and briefly delineate the three categories of "genuine cybercrime" that was examined.
5. (4 tops) How effectiveness we discriminate betwixt cyber-kindred crimes that are "cyber-exacerbated" and those that are "cyber-assisted"?
6. (2 top) What is oneness stealing, and how has it been exacerbated by cyber-technology?
7. (4 tops) What is phishing, and how is it kindred to oneness stealing?
8. (2 top) What is "entrapment on the Internet" and why has it been controversial?
9. (2 top) how own packet-sniffing programs and keystroke-monitoring technologies assisted law enforcement authorities in conflicting cybercrime?
10. (2 top) What is the Patriot Act and why is it controversial?



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