Posted: October 27th, 2022


Please read the instruction carefully.  I prefer that you choose the city of Jeddah in the mapping tool, if you couldn’t find enough information, you can pick the city of Portland.

Please upload your reflection paper as a Word Doc.

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(~600-800 words, 2-3 pages, 12pt font, New Times Roman, double spaced) Use at least 2 resources from this course and include a bibliography page in the citation style of your choice.

Citation Recourse


Essay Prompt: Based on the course materials in Urban Environmental Issues thus far and using the Environmental Justice Mapping Tool discuss, compare, and contrast two areas/neighborhoods using the same environmental indicators. Identify one area/neighborhood that you can identify as a community burden by environmental hazards and one community not burdened by environmental hazards.


1. Visit EJScreen

 and the launch the Environmental Justice Mapping Tool

 and choose a city within the United States. The city can be where you are living now, it could be where you grew up (your hometown), or it could be a city you would one day like to visit or live. Zoom into an area/neighborhood within that city and pick 3 environmental indicators to focus on (example: traffic proximity, lead paint Indicator, and hazardous waste proximity) and under the Demographic Indicators lookup 3 demographic indicators (example: Minority population, low-Income population, over age 65) in that area/neighborhood. Identify a community burden by environmental hazards and a community not burdened by environmental hazards within that same city.


2. Take screenshots of your two communities using the side-by-side map. Show the 3 environmental indicators you picked and how they compare at the state and national scale. Also, take screenshots of the 3 demographic indicators for these same communities. Use and refer to these images within your paper and make sure to appropriately label these images using correct citation.  


3. In your paper reflect on how environmental injustices are taking place and/or are not taking within these two communities that reside within the same city.

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