Posted: February 11th, 2023

For Ann Harris

Unit:  Contemporary Issues in Project Management        Due Date:  Sunday 4/17/2017    Assignment ObjectivesRecognize situations that present potential ethical and legal issues, and develop solutions for those issues.Assignment Description The recruitment of key personnel such as recruitment specialists, sales managers, and scientists is now well under control and almost complete. Your company needs three more scientists, and an executive recruiter offers you the opportunity, within budget, for providing you with the means of acquiring these badly needed personnel. The dilemma is that the executive recruiter will headhunt or steal these three scientists from your competitors. He will also use false pretenses to gain entry to these organizations over the phone. You do not know if his methods are ethical or even legal, but you are fairly certain that he will be successful in his quest for making his sale of scientists to your organization.Your discussion with your coworkers and the CEO should address the following questions:What are the ethical considerations that will factor into your discussion with coworkers and the CEO whether to utilize the executive recruiter’s services?What are the ethical guidelines you will provide to the executive recruiter if your organization utilizes his services?What will you do to further ensure that your organization will be in legal compliance while using the executive recruiter’s services?

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For Ann Harris
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