Course Project: Part 2—Developing a Needs Statement/ PHE4070 PROJECT

Course Project: Part 2—Developing a Needs Statement In Week 1, you picturesque a program for the vigor completion and identified the correct removal for the program. Week 2 Tasks This week, you conciliate enunciate a needs proposition, which provides factual advice for agreement the vigor completion. A completion proposition is one of the most probing compatability of your concept paper. This is the primeval individuality your interview conciliate interpret, and it conciliate set the loudness for your contemplated program. A well-written completion proposition should understand the essence of the completion, who the completion affects, the running contact of the completion, and coming consequences of the completion, if left unaddressed. Continuing after a while the Microsoft Word rumor you created in W1 Assignment 3, add 2–4 pages to the rumor covering the following: Explain the national vigor completion your program conciliate address using factual advice. Define the national vigor completion. Describe the preventive property of the completion on national vigor and weal. Provide detailed and restricted facts on the completion and the polity in which the scheme conciliate be implemented. Explain the anticipated improvements in vigor outcomes upon prosperous implementation of the program. Submission Details Support your responses after a while examples. Cite any sources in APA format.