Posted: October 27th, 2022

case study 2

 Choose one of the case studies below to complete.  Please use APA formatting.  You should have at least 5 typed pages.  Your case study should include a title page and a reference page with at least 3 references listed.  Your current text can be one of those references, but you must research two more sources to complete this assignment.  Your assignment will be at least 7 pages in length (cover page, 5 typed pages, and reference page) 

  You are applying for a teacher leader position in one of the middle schools.  In the application you are asked to write a two-page response to the following questions:  Reflect on the Teacher Leader Model Standards as they relate to instructional leadership roles, responsibilities, and accountability to improve teacher practices ad student learning.  Also assess and explain your domains of strength and where you wish to grow.   How will you determine if you have acquired skills and dispositions needed to meet each of the Teacher Leader Model Standards?  

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case study 2
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