Posted: February 11th, 2023

IFT 194 CH 8

1.     Draw and name a one-dimensional array that would hold 10 temperatures. Number the elements.2.     Draw and name four parallel arrays that would hold the following data:       Store                       sales                  customers                        Region        A24                        5000                        500                                    A        A26                        3000                        200                                    A        C30                        6000                        550                                    C        B44                        4000                        560                                    B3.     Can all the data in question 2 be put into a two-dimensional array? Explain. 4.     Mr. Jones always gives True/False tests to his class. His tests always have 20 questions. The maximum class size is 35. He needs a program that will calculate the student’s grades based on the best score A will range from the best score, to the best score minus 2.B will range from the best score minus 3, to the best score minus 4.C will range from the best score minus 5, to the best score minus 6.D will range from the best score minus 7, to the best score minus 8.F will be below the best score minus 8.  ## Each student’s ID and test answers will be entered. The output will be each student’s ID, number correct, and grade, along with the single highest score for the class. Develop a solution for Mr. Jones problem. Use four one-dimensional arrays—one for the correct scores and the other three for the needed output. write your pseudo code first and then write the Python code that implements it.** below is a suggested way to do this — there are other ways such as setting up  2-D arrays) Using the format of P1, set up four arrays of student scores assume 10 questionsand 4 students.( this will illustrate the approach without too many numbers Write a function to populate a student score array.Populate these student arrays with zeros ( false) and 1s ( true), as their scores .See problem 6 pg 175 and use that random function  not including theinteger ‘1’. (instead of ‘coin’ flips this  slightly modified random number generator Integer(Random * 2)  ( check out the Python equivalentwill simply yield 0, or 1, which is what you want). Now manipulate those 4 arrays to answer Jones’ questions

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IFT 194 CH 8
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