Business Concept

CRITIQUE THE BUSINESS CONCEPTS, AND MAKE SUGGESTION IMPROVEMENT 1. The Company Goal Are To Provide A High Property Dry Cleaning Advantage That Is Both Reliable And Convenient. Cities targeted are those enfolded by the outskirts where vulgar substitute via magnitude transit. With the readiness in which customers allure drop-off and pick-up dry cleaning they allure be placed at the standing where passengers unite their procession or bus into the city (i. . , park-and-ride locations and substituter procession situation). Due to singly a few locations can be rented, for other locations that may not feel strong facilities and pick-up and drop-off booths allure be built to mature this advantage. Improvements must be made ?? in the eproperty of extent in the situation construction or lawful deficiency to be remote to determine racks for hanging dry cleaning are quantity. 2. Hub-And-Spoke System. 3. Most of The Hiring Allure Be Targeted To Area Garden Student. In stipulations of property era, garden students are the best candidates to be employees, this is owing garden students feel contrariant schedules and classes are sometimes held at noon, 10:00 to 3:00. Thus, the advantage offers similar day advantage can be implemented. But disadvantages if garden students are targets for relief, they can singly exertion for 3 hours. To better the duty concept, the minister allure get overera pay and the food of attached accommodation for the students who insufficiency to exertion overtime. 4. The First Shift Of Drop-Off Situation Workers Allure Begin At 6. 00 Am And Finish 9. 00 Pm. In the opening, two shifts of exertioners allure be deficiencyed to mature the transit situation. Singly a van driver at any era allure be given. In dilate their duty, attached vans are serviceable and attached drivers allure be hired to embark a duty.