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Research Topic: AWS Cloud Infrastructure, Advantages and Disadvantages

The purpose of this assignment is to pick a topic for your research project. The topic should be of graduate level not a survey. Investigate an important question. 

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Your Research Project will be a presentation on some aspect of the surveillance state.  Do a five source annotated bibliography/reference list on the subject. There should be two annotations for each source. In the first write a paragraph of at least five sentences summarizing the thesis of the article. In the second write a paragraph of at  least five sentences  summarizing  your reflections on the thesis of the article. You should do a deep dive into a topic. Do not do a survey.

Use at least five sources.

Write in essay format not in bulleted, numbered or other list format. 

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Annotated Bibliography

Mohammed, D. (2018, January 1). Cybersecurity Compliance in the Financial Sector | Open Access Journals. Cybersecurity Compliance in the Financial Sector.

Mohammed, D. (2018, January 1) has investigated on array of challenges as state and national level authorities endeavor to manage with cybersecurity dangers, vulnerabilities, and cyber-crime dangers. His investigation conclude that researchers should require checks against careless behavior and fundamental countermeasures against false hones. He believes that controls moreover carry the potential to burden the money related industry with duplication of exertion and complex announcing plans. Such measures may demonstrate counterproductive when as it were gigantic enterprises with the assets to hold huge lawful and administrative divisions can survive in a riotous administrative environment and Controllers must approach the monetary industry with an indeed bottom, leveraging solid Congressional oversight where fundamental, whereas killing pointless burdens that smother money related development.

From this article, I have learned that Regulations can have positive impacts when they compel organizations to comply with recognized security measures. Be that as it may regulators must consider the impacts of wide enactment over the differing organizations working within the monetary industry. Regulators must consider the taken a toll organization cause since companies regularly pass these costs on to customers. Regulations frequently contain complicated dialect, requiring lawful groups to filter through and interpret. Be that as it may legal counselors do not bear the obligation for guaranteeing administrative compliance.  Accomplishing compliance regularly demonstrates a troublesome challenge since numerous organizations lack the assets to completely get it and thus completely comply with complex administrative systems.

KENTH, J. A. G. D. E. V. (2019). Financial Crime and Cyber Security. Financial Crime and Cyber Security- The Hedge Fund Journal. 

Financial Crime and Cyber Security

The author has researched a recent paper by AIMA illustrated clearly that hedge fund firms and other elective resource supervisors are playing an imperative part in financing the economy, giving much required capital and venture to the SME showcase, genuine bequest, and framework ventures, among others. As the segment plays a progressively standard part, issues such as money related wrongdoing and cyber security will stay central to encourage development. As later occasions appear, these stay a need for controllers and law requirement offices. He has also highlighted how Financial fraud appears to have possessed much of the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) time.

This article has played a vital role in making me understand the significance of conducting periodic evaluations of the nature of the data the firm collects and cybersecurity dangers, making a methodology that is outlined to avoid, identify, and react to cybersecurity dangers, which might incorporate controlling get to different frameworks, information encryption, reinforcement and recovery and executing the methodology through composed approaches, methods and preparing. It is important for firms to understand their cyber vulnerabilities and how these affect the level of chance for the firm’s portfolio of existing chance and oversee this threat.

Temin, T. (2020, September 24). Secret Service stepping up in fight against cyber-enabled financial crimes. Federal News Network. 

Secret Service stepping up in fight against cyber-enabled financial crimes

In this article, author talks about Secret Service examinations on cyber empowered money related crimes of all sorts. He also provides an overview of what Secret Service does do with regard to examinations of monetary crimes. He also conducts few Q&A with Jeremy Sheridan deputy assistant director of the Office of Investigations at the Secret Service. Jeremy mentioned that at the strategic level presently, in terms of what we are able do way better operationally, in a part of distinctive disciplines, we are seeing whether it is patterns in cybercrime, innovation, law and arrangement.

In this Q&A type interview article, I learned a lot about the viewpoint of secret services and their plan in controlling financial and cybercrimes. How they are attempting to do is reimagine the Secret Service’s investigative mission in those diverse components, whether it is the profound web, the dark web, ransomware, commerce, e-mail, compromises, all shapes of phishing and to modernize our investigative center, extend our associations, reexamine how they are preparing, selecting, and holding cyber ability and go into modern approaches of cryptocurrency, resource relinquishment or cash laundering.

Hasham, S., Joshi, S., & Mikkelsen, D. (2019, October 1). Financial crime and fraud in the age of cybersecurity. McKinsey & Company.

Hasham, S., Joshi, S., & Mikkelsen, D. (2019, October 1) talks about the wrongdoing was one concurrent, facilitated attack against numerous banks, sending an advanced information of the cyber environment and likely caught on managing an account forms, controls, and indeed vulnerabilities emerging from siloed organizations and governance. They convey how pioneers are hence reconsidering their approaches to take advantage of the synergies accessible in integration. Eventually, extortion, cybersecurity, and AML can be solidified beneath an all-encompassing approach based on the same information and forms. Most of the benefits are accessible within the close term, in any case, through the integration of extortion and cyber operations.

Though this article, I understand banks have not however addressed these modern convergences, which transgress the boundary lines most have raised between the sorts of crimes. Furthermore, a siloed approach to these interconnected dangers is commonly looking progressively untenable; clearly, the working process should be rethought. It is important to note that banks and financial institutions (FI) have to be compelled to reconsider their techniques and upgrade past their bequest frameworks to combat these imaginative and complicated extortion and monetary fraudulent approaches.

FERRO, B. R. I. A. N. (2020, July 6). Banking on Uncertainty – The Future of Financial Crime and Compliance. Www.Bankinfosecurity.Com.

FERRO, B. R. I. A. N. (2020, July 6) talks about the future of financial crime and compliance in banking sector. With more current technology advancing and COVID sort environmental changes money related wrongdoing and extortion typologies are proceeding to torment worldwide firms. He moreover clarifies how It is difficult for banks to needs when it comes to their compliance challenges. These are since of three fundamental variables, advancing administrative changes, Melancholy financial estimates and Combating changing cybercrime.

From this article, I have realized that holistic facilitated cloud compliance arrangement that can offer the same strong security benchmarks (on the off chance that not way better than) that we anticipate from an on-premises arrangement. It makes us surer that any cloud stage and it can help at diminish costs and guarantee upkeep and management. And that’s why compliance within the cloud is not basically a question of any stage. Ultimately, Cloud-based arrangements empower the bank of long run to identify extortion more precisely through progressed analytics.

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