Posted: October 27th, 2022

at risk youth

Preferably something that is topical in recent news events or new research emerging on a unique topic

The purpose of this paper is to learn more about an interesting topic. 

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at risk youth
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must use at least 4 academic sources PLUS at least 2 other types

List your references on last page. It should not be based at all on personal experience. 

3-4 page paper (not including reference and cover pages) on an issue/topic related to vulnerable and at-risk/at-promise youth.

The purpose of this paper is to explore issues related to the course material in a deeper way. Do not do your presentation on one of the general weekly topics (for example: substance abuse or school dropout). Choose a topic that explores an interesting aspect of adolescence or a subpopulation (ex. Minority youth graduation rates and poor LGBT youth) or a controversial topic related to treatment. Some examples of an appropriate presentation topic could be about:

  • The debate about medicating children with mental illness
  • How the education has failed students in a particular location (high dropout rate)
  • Explore the relationship between culture/race and a particular issue facing youth
  • How early parenting (in teen years) affects a specific outcome (poverty or domestic violence)

In addition to a detailed description of the population with statistics from research, paper must include answers on the following questions:

  • What FIVE interesting pieces of information did you learn that you didn’t know before doing the research for this presentation.
  • What further questions came up for you during your research that you would like to gain more knowledge about?
  • What services are available for this population (you must name at least 2 specific agencies)?
  • What additional services would be helpful for this group?
  • What will change in your life as a result of learning this information?
  • How can you apply what you’ve learned in your work or personal life? 

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