Posted: February 11th, 2023

One Page Discussion Doctorate of Health Science

Read the Introduction and Topic One in Clinical Ethics by Jonsen, Siegler and Winslade (2015).Read, view and/or listen to ALL other supplementary learning resources available via hyperlinks in the Week One Assignment Box to help you complete the assignment.  Click  the link provided below for supplemental information on the week one case study.Assignment – Use the following outline to prepare a 3-part writeup: 1. Briefly define the general topic, Medical Indications (see 1.0.1 “Definitions of Medical Indications” in Jonsen, Siegler and Winslade).  (1 point)2. Discuss the important concepts and issues presented in Topic One: Medical Indications, demonstrating your understanding of key ethical principles such as beneficence, nonmaleficence, benefit-to-risk ratio, and the Charter on Medical Professionalism, and key medical indications features such as diagnosis, goals of treatment, indicated and nonindicated interventions. This is an opportunity to show the instructor you have read the assigned chapter in the course text.  Do not discuss the specific case study yet, rather, defer your analysis of the specific case study to Part 3 (below).  (2 points)3.  This is an opportunity to express your critical thinking skills and engage your classmates in meaningful discussion.  Read, view and/or listen to ALL other supplementary learning resources in the Week One Assignment Box, then develop a conclusion/decision/solution based on principles and features you discussed in Part 2 (above).  Provide explanation and justification for how you would handle the situation based on a synthesis of text, discussion board posts, and supplementary resources.  (2 points)4. Clearly identify Parts 1, 2, and 3 and submit as a single MS Office Word Document to the Week One Assignment Box. (Total 5 points max).Note, although other topics (patient preference, quality of life, contextual features) may apply, it is important to focus on the features relevant to Medical Indications (history, diagnosis, prognosis, goals, probabilities of success, plans in case of therapeutic failure, when medical treatment is NOT indicated).  Please include references from the readings, links, other literature and/or personal experience to support your decision. This is an opportunity to express your critical thinking skills and engage your classmates in a meaningful discussion.5.  Share Part 3 (your decision) from the above weekly assignment on the Week One Discussion Board before Wednesday (note, the preliminary analysis you post on the discussion board may be modified and polished before submitting the complete 3-part assignment on Sunday).  You are expected to Read and Comment on three or more of your classmates’ postings.  The earlier you share your initial analysis, the greater the class interaction – the more value each of us will gain from the discussion.

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One Page Discussion Doctorate of Health Science
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