Posted: January 24th, 2023

Your Karma and Dharma

APA format. 350 words. Scholar authors only. Use the reference that I have provide. Please read all instructions before starting assignment.

Post in the first paragraph describing a personal experience with the concepts of karma and dharma. In a second paragraph, explain how understanding and using the concepts of karma and dharma can inspire more social responsibility and/or reduce conflict. Support your assertions by making at least 2 references, in proper APA format, to your course readings.

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Your Karma and Dharma
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Be sure to support your ideas by connecting them to the week’s Learning Resources or something you have read, heard, seen, or experienced.


Kurtz, L. R. (2016). Gods in the global village: The world’s religions in sociological perspective (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Chapter 5, “The Religious Ethos”“Religious Taboo Lines and Ethical Systems” (pp. 171–188)
“Religion and Sexuality” (pp. 188–198)
Sharma, A. (2008). Karma and dharma: New links in an old chain. Tikkun, 23(3), 14–15.
BBC. (2014). Buddhism. Retrieved from
BBC. (2014). Hinduism. Retrieved from
BBC. (2014). Jainism. Retrieved from

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