Overview of Requirements:

  • 4 full pages and no more than 6
  • Introduction (explore, preview, thesis), 4 or 5 BP’s (following PIES), and a conclusion (review and ‘take away’)
  • May incorporate a concession/rebuttal paragraph or counterargument: ConcessionRebuttal new Actions
    Properly incorporates 3 different sources for support in BP’s: Paragraph Structure with Use of Text – 101 New x
    Avoid use of 1st and 2nd person perspective:Using 3rd Person – Universal Insights xActions

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  • Use of proper signal phrases, in-text citation, and works cited page
  • this is final draft, should be finish all. And write in MLA form with work cited page.

    English101 Final Project Essay Assignment

    For the final project in this course, each student will produce an essay informing your audience on the causes and effects of an issue young adults/students face and “solutions’ that can be supported or implemented through a school organization/club to combat the issue. The organization/club is your creation (and will be featured in your presentation), although you may take cues from already existing organizations working on the same issue. Your essay should inform the audience on background/history (intro), causes, effects, and ways to deal with or solve this problem (body paragraphs). In this assignment handout, you will find information on Topic Choice, and Essay Guidelines and Requirements:

    Possible topics to locate ‘issue’ – check larger list of examples on Canvas

    Issues of Faith/Religious Tolerance

    Impact of Social Media/technology


    Emotional Stress/Self-Esteem (body-image/depression)

    Gender Issues/LGBTQ Equality

    The Environment/Climate Change


    Each student will choose a topic from the above list or propose a unique topic to the instructor during the proposal process. Any and all topics and theses must be approved as part of the proposal, due Tuesday, Mar. 3rd. Once approval for the topic and thesis has been given, the topic cannot change. Slight adjustments to the thesis may occur, but you should try to avoid a major shift. The proposal form will be found on our class Canvas page, and online submissions are expected. Consider which topic will best fit your needs both in terms of personal interest, but also the assignment requirements (note: a list of recent topics/issues students have researched is on Canvas).


    Your final assignment will consist of a research paper 4-6 pages in length, typed and double-spaced. The essay will be an informative essay that discusses the current issue in society affecting young adults and highlights what your organization can do to combat it, so there is an element of persuasion. Standard MLA documentation must be utilized with all source use. You will begin the assignment by first conducting exploratory research looking for articles, and also investigating an organization working on the issue. After learning about their efforts, each author will perform further research using the library databases to help learn about and support what their ‘original’ organization can/needs to do to improve this issue. Over the course of your research, you will find information about the social issue, its causes and effects, as well as discover possible solutions your organization could offer.


    This assignment requires the use of at least 3 research sources. Two of these sources should come from the Cascadia/UWB Library. Use the periodicals and bookstacks (physical sources) or the Library Database to locate sources. If you find a source outside of Cascadia’s library (like an org. webpage or news article), you must approach me before going forward with the source. All Internet sources must be approved by instructor before inclusion into your essay! In-text documentation must follow MLA guidelines and an appropriate works cited page is also required. The essay must follow MLA guidelines for formatting and citations.


    Your audience is undecided on your issue, and needs to be informed on the topic, so that they can understand its importance. This should guide your tone and presentation of the issue. It’s important to stay formal, and not to take for granted the needs of your audience. Your audience is at your education level and therefore, has an introductory knowledge of your topic but needs some explanation of the complexities of the issue (causes/effects), so that they feel the need to take action and support your organization’s work on it. It may be helpful to imagine that your audience is looking at multiple issues and considering which one they want to “invest” in trying to deal with. Your job (purpose) as author is to convince them that your issue is most critical, and your organization is well-suited to respond to the problem.


    Introduction: Help your audience understand the student issue you chose by providing a sense of the issues relevance, as well as any background info or terminology necessary for comprehension. The intro will also need to preview the main ideas you are going to present in your BP’s. This introduction should conclude with a focused thesis statement presenting a specific stance/position/perspective on the issue.

    BODY: This section will generally have three main functions (although the balance may be different depending on the topic): reporting to your audience on the causes of this issue, exploring the effects this issue has on students, and providing how a school organization/club would work to improve the situation or help students overcome the issue. The issue or topic of your paper will guide what the support should focus on, but reflect back on the various support approaches used in Essay I and II for help, and let your research guide your major points. Support section 4-6 paragraphs.

    Conclusion: This is your last chance to push the importance that this issue is taken seriously. Use this as a lawyer uses a closing argument to demonstrate how your body evidence of support proves your stance to be logical and coherent. Discussion of “what’s at stake” if nothing is done to deal with the issue may also play a role in the conclusion. Conclusion should be 1 paragraph in length.


    · 12pt – Times New Roman

    · Double spaced with title and header on first page

    · A minimum of 4 pages, max of 6

    · Must use at least 3 different text(s) and no more than 5.

    · Proper MLA In-text documentation and Works Cited page

    Assignments and Due Dates

    · Proposal and Annotated Bib of min. of 2 database/library sources and 1 organization website due Mar. 3rd (10pts)

    · Detailed outline due Mar. 10th (20pts) and rough draft on Mar. 17th (20pts)


    Final Draft due on Thursday, Mar. 18th (100pts)

    Rubric for

    Essay I

    – Final Draft

    Essay I






    Formatting of Essay – Follows MLA Expectations, Use ‘First Page Blueprint’ Handout – scored out of 5pts

    Response to Assignment – Appropriately addresses the topic and follows basic requirements (page length, 4-5 body paragraphs, PIES structure, source use and citations) – scored out of 25pts

    Quality and Clarity of Thought – Essay contains clear and complex thinking connecting to a specific thesis. BP’s focused on specific idea (in the P) that is thoroughly developed and with min 3 Source supports that connect to P– scored out of 25pts

    Organization, Development, and Thought – Essay paragraphs follow discussed organizational methods from class. PIES is used and body paragraphs have balanced development of 1 specific point, source use in mid 1/3 – scored out of 25 pts

    Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics – Essay is ‘clean’ and avoids errors. Successful editing necessary – scored out of 20pts

    English 101

    Argument/Persuasive Element

    Concession/Rebuttal Paragraph

    A concession/rebuttal (counterargument) paragraph needs to be composed of a concession point that looks at an opposing viewpoint and your rebuttal of that point. It is important to maintain a professional and empathetic voice throughout this section. Remember it will be the strength of ideas that will sway your audience, not the snippiness in your voice. Here are some things to remember when creating and completing this element of your research essay.

    1. Transitions – Remember that you are changing tasks when you begin to look at an opposing viewpoint. The previous section was filled with support points that clarified your stance. You need to alert your audience to the change of purpose as you enter your concession. A proper transition should only be a sentence or two, but it will clearly signal to your audience that you are doing something different. Keep in mind that you are not only transitioning out of support and into the concession, but also out of the rebuttal and into another support paragraph or conclusion.

    2. Concession – For a strong concession/rebuttal section, it is important that you identify an opposition view point that you can empathize with or at least find validity in. This is important because a strong concession will spend time clarifying, in an even handed manner, what this point is and why it is compelling. Keep in mind that a good concession point convinces your audience that you have looked at all perspectives on the issue, and that you have done so with care and diligence. This strengthens your position in the audiences’ mind and makes them more likely to agree with you in the end. It is important to avoid a list of concession points and focus in on one specific point the opposition may have to your argument.

    3. Rebuttal – This section should take your opposition to task. Analyze why this opposition point is weak and is ultimately not strong enough to sway your opinion. Try to be specific in this section and not fall into expressing grand generalities. In the same way that your concession point is narrow and specific, you want to be sure that your refutation is aimed at picking apart this specific point. Be careful of the rebuttal sounding too much like a conclusion or recap of your major support points. Continue to be mindful of your tone and don’t go overboard cutting the opposition down, but you do want to be on the offensive.

    Example Concession/Rebuttal Paragraph:

    Though the problems with doctor-assisted suicide are many, there are proponents of legalization of assisted suicide. Those in favor of legalizing doctor assisted suicide will point to medical cases where a patient has been deemed terminally ill, and argue that these patients should have the ability to end their suffering on their terms. It is true that many patients who are terminally ill suffer for lengths of time while their body holds onto life. It can be very painful for loved ones to have to watch their parent, partner, or child go through this. The process of death can be very ugly and bring people to question what is right and wrong in terms ending a life with assistance from a doctor. While it is easy to find compassion in this perspective, it creates some major problems if doctor assisted suicide was legalized to end patient suffering. We would be changing the role doctor’s have been trained to play. Doctor’s take an oath to do all they are capable of to save a life. If assisted suicide was legalize doctors would be forced to end life. They would be put in the position of having to decide who can die. Not only does this compromise the morality of a doctor, but it opens the door to many legal issues hospitals would have to face. Families and loved ones of a patient whose life was terminated may take legal action if they were not behind the decision. Hospitals and doctors sole focus should be on maintaining health, not ending life.

    When outlining a C/R paragraph, please consider the following format:

    1. (CP) – Here I will present a full sentence that captures the Concession Point (opposition point of view).

    · Jot in some info to show how I will explain/validate/develop this idea

    (RP) – Here I will present a full sentence that captures my Rebuttal Point (refutation to the opposition).

    · Jot in some info to show how I will explain/develop my rebuttal.

    Running head: ALCOHOL USE


    The use of alcohol has become common in this era. The most affected are college students. It has also become a significant issue in public, which has affected, which has led to a health crisis as a college student who sees alcohol being used by other students becomes a significant issue. College is all about having fun and getting to interact. Most of the students overdo the fun, and they end up in a bad company or ruining their lives. Young people aged 18 to 24 are likely to become an alcohol addict. College is one way, or the other creates some natural anxiety among the students. The students often get tempted to drink alcohol because it is a way of socializing among them. The students do no start drinking immediately, but they do it on a routine basis, which contributes to their addiction (Karam, Kypri & Salamoun, 2007).


    The rising cases of alcohol use among college students can be attributed to several things. The key things that contribute to alcohol use are:

    Stress. Many students are facing high demand from their part-time jobs, course work, and social obligations, which makes them turn into the use of drugs. Once the students feel they have too much pressure to do all those things at the same time, they will end up looking for something that will relieve the stress. It is, in this case, that they end up using alcohol to calm them.

    Course load. Most of the students out there are getting too much work. The students are attending their classes during the day, but at night they are working. In this case, they will be forced to stay awake. Some of them may end up using stimulants like Adderall to help them awake. Some of them will opt to use alcohol since it will stimulate them to stay awake. Most students, in this case, are overworking and trying to finish their assignment on time which makes them use some of these drugs which are harmful to their bodies.

    Peer pressure. Another most significant cause of drinking alcohol among college students is peer pressure. College students are often surrounded by their friends whom they learn together or stay together. Their friends will be involved in taking alcohol or attending parties. They will try and bring them along. In the process, they will make them test some alcohol. The students will end up testing, and after a few times, they will find themselves liking the drink.

    Curiosity: some students can take alcohol due to curiosity. This means that they will want to try what their friends are doing. They want to experiment with how it feels like taking alcohol, and in the process, they end up addicted.


    So far, alcohol is the most commonly used drug among students. Alcohol is present everywhere, including in house parties, get together, and sporting events. The college students, in this case, need up taking too much alcohol, unlike their peers. One of the significant effects of drinking alcohol is that it affects the health of students. The student’s health will be affected and will end up getting health issues. The other thing is that too much drinking of alcohol leads to addiction. Addiction is a state where the students cannot do without alcohol. They drink all the time in a way that they cannot do anything constructive.

    Some of the students will engage in heavy drinking. Almost all college students drink too much alcohol, which affects their health. Too much alcohol will affect the lives of the students, which ends up affecting their lives. Too much alcohol, in this case, leads to a bad relationship. The alcoholic will want to isolate themselves, and in this case, they destroy the relationship with their friends and even their partners.

    Poor grades

    Too much alcohol will affects the student’s academics. They will end up prioritizing alcohol hence failing to attend their classes or even completing their homework. They will even forget to study for their exams. One in 5 college students has admitted to having poor grades or struggling with their academics due to alcohol use (Kremer & Levy, 2008). The students will have to retake their units, and in this case, the parent will use too much money.

    Risking injury

    Too much drinking will also increase the risk of the student getting injured. The student may get minor cuts or, in other cases, may break their body parts. A student who has high blood alcohol content is likely to get injured easily. It has been reported that each year over 70000 students get injured because of heavy drinking. The injuries can be informed of muscle sprains, fractures, and bruising. Students that have depression issues can threaten their lives through the consumption of alcohol.

    Victim of assault

    Alcohol use lowers the student’s inhibition, which makes them vulnerable to sexual or physical assaults. It has been reported that over 800000 students aged 18 to 24 have been assaulted and were under the influence of alcohol. Sexual assault is a common crime that alcoholic students face. Perpetrators often target those students who have been drinking a lot. The students cannot defend themselves whenever drunk. Here the perpetrators take advantage and get what they want from the students. The students end up getting pregnant as others contract various diseases such as sexually transmitted diseases and HIV and Aids.

    The school has a club that helps alcoholic students. The club has been there for some time, and it has a counselor who talks to the students regularly. The other thing is that the students engage in various activities, such as helping within the school compound whenever free. Such things activities will keep them engaged and forget about drinking alcohol. The other activity is that they get to meet with other students where they share ideas instead of spending that time drinking. Students who are free and have nothing to do are tempted to take alcohol


    The issue of alcohol is on the rise among college students. Many students have fallen victim to who has affected their personal lives, health status, and academic lives. In this case, alcohol students often face many challenges trying to balance a lot of things (Wolff & Crockett, 2019). The students, in this case, need to be given an easy time while in school, and the school needs to take the role of educating the students on the effects of alcohol use.


    Karam, E., Kypri, K., & Salamoun, M. (2007). Alcohol use among college students: an international perspective. Current opinion in psychiatry, 20(3), 213-221.

    Kremer, M., & Levy, D. (2008). Peer effects and alcohol use among college students. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 22(3), 189-206.

    Wolff, J. M., & Crockett, L. J. (2019). Decision-making processes and alcohol use among college students. Journal of American College Health, 67(7), 627-637.

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