Posted: November 25th, 2022

WRD 202X

LA Fitness

If “0 stars” was an option here, I would take it for this terrible gym.  Been a member for over 22.5 years but they wouldn’t let my guest come in for a single day.  (I signed up with Bally’s in June 1997, and they 1000% told me I had guest membership privileges when I joined .) Jose was a complete a-hole and told me I needed to show proof of that in my contract; otherwise, my guest would have to pay $15 for the day.  When I asked him if my guest could get a 1 day or 1 week guest pass (I have seen those guest passes lying on tables many times over the years for members to freely take), he said he would need 24 hours notice.  A-hole to the max. I plan to terminate my membership bc I’m so sick of poor customer service like this.

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WRD 202X
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