Posted: February 11th, 2023


Write 150 words response to question in bold below about the original topic. No title page. Need to cite and referenceDo you think juveniles should have the same expectation of privacy in their school lockers?  Why or why not?I orginal topic discussionReasonable expectation of privacy is very important to distinguishing a legitimate and protects individual from searches of places which are warrantless or seizures of objects or persons where they have an expectation of the privacy which is said to be reasonable in public norms. The legitimate privacy expectation should have another source which is not from the Fourth Amendment. It is also good to note that private homes are usually at the core of protection by the Fourth Amendment subjected to several exceptions since they are close to interest of ownership in the property law. Warrantless of the property which is abandoned does not always violate the Fourth Amendment. The residents who are temporary in the public property and does not have permits and violates the law may not have any expectation of privacy which is legitimate. Vehicles can be searched even without warrants in case the police officer who is conducting this search has got probable cause so as to have a belief that the vehicle may contain contraband. According to the court, the mobility nature of the vehicles would enable them to be moved quickly from its jurisdiction if some time was to be taken to get, they might also base articulable facts warranting a reasonable belief (May, 2016).ReferencesMay, D. A. (2016). Reasonable expectation of privacy. Boston: Pearson Education

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