Posted: October 27th, 2022


1.  General topic for reflection paper is Euthanasia (define all types) – do not just focus on the Death with Dignity Act make sure you cover Euthanasia in general as well

        You must use this template(attached below) and fill it in as your assignment  found in doc sharing – it will guide you and make sure you got all the information required for full credit. :

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(THIS TEMPLATE WILL BE USED FOR ALL SCENARIO REFLECTIONS You must use this as your submission to get full credit and you MUST use one of the 6 acceptable ethical theories to back up your stance – they are listed in Week 1 announcement and recording and ppt)  

2.  Complete a Paper Topic (it must be a currently two-sided debate with valid points on each side in order to be accepted as a topic, in other words, if you can’t find any information on the other side – if there are no valid pro/con arguments than you cannot do it on that topic). Additionally, I am not accepting papers on abortion or euthanasia even though those would be acceptable, I want you thinking outside the box here. 

Select a topic related to medical ethics  below are some you can consider, this is not the entire list:

  • Eugenics and Human Genetics
  • Medical Research (Human or Animal)
  • Organ Donation (Make sure you are have both sides – who is against it and why)
  • Travel Tourism and Transplantation
  • Public Health Issues
  • Access to Health Care
  • Biotechnology
  • Designer Babies
  • Stem cell Research

In a Word document, state your medical ethics issue (for instance, if you choose to write about Euthanasia(which you can’t), the medical issue might be physician-assisted suicide), and write a paragraph explaining why you have chosen this medical ethics issue to research. 

ReflectiveJournal Template – Topic Reflection


What are the key points of contention on this topic?

What side of the argument (stance) do you take on this topic?

What strong points does the other side of this topic have?

What were the three most important things you took away from the topic?




Which ethical theory (of the 6 approved ones ONLY – Kant; Act Utilitarianism;
Rule Utilitarianism; Care Ethics; Virtue Ethics; and Social Contract) would you
apply to this topic to defend your stance? Explain fully. 250 words.

A) In this reflection you must first define the key terms of the debate (for
example, define what Euthanasia/Abortion/Stem Cell/Public
Health/PreNatal Testing/Animal Research/Health Care, etc. means and
what are the different types depending on which topic you are

B) Define and explain the ethical theory you chose (show me you know
exactly what the theory is and does – in your own words)

C) Present the evidence both pro and con and follow up how using your
ethical theory is the best way to determine whether or not your stance is
really ethical

D) Conclusion – any final thoughts and opinions would go here
E) 2 to 3 resources as support for your evidence (text book counts as 1)

  • Reflective Journal Template – Topic Reflection

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