Wendy Lewis only

Summarize Condition 9, outset delay the individuality titled “Christian Ethics as Narrative Ethics,” through the end of the condition of Beyond Bumper Sticker Ethics. Be strong to peruse the integral condition for broader gratified and contextual knowledge, flush though your real précis and accurate partition achieve standpoint on “Christian Ethics as Narrative Ethics” through the end of Condition 9. Refrain from or severely condition utilizing quotations.


In 600 language, briefly depict the creator’s thesis, key concepts/ideas, key stipulations, the method/approach used by the creator, and the indisputable end of (deduce for) the creator’s piece. The précis should exist of about two-thirds of the entirety message reckon for the essay.


  1. Use your own language to say what the creator recognize (or discussed).
  2. How was it complaisant (or the procedure/focus)?
  3. What was recognize (or what were the results)?
  4. What does it instrument (or why it is considerable)?

In 200 language, transcribe a accurate partition. Be strong to reconsideration the “Precis Explanation and Overview.” Include the message reckon at the end of Part II. Be strong to cling delayin the abandoned message reckon place to dodge penalties for not convocation or extended the message-reckon place. The accurate partition should exist of about a third of the entirety message reckon for the essay.


Beyond Bumper Sticker Ethics is the dimensions peruse condition 9