Posted: February 11th, 2023

Week 4 discussion responses

Write a response to each discussion.Shelley 4.1COLLAPSEThe Women’s Center for Advancement relies heavily on donations and volunteers. The organization uses the funds it gains throughout the year at various events on providing counseling, education, and other means of support to those dealing with domestic violence and sexual assault. The money also goes towards renting spaces the organization uses in order to provide the services to the public. The organization needs a number of goods such as clothing and hygiene products. While an easy solution for the lack of supplies would be to assign more of the funds to the Clothing Closet at the WCA. Doing so could take away funding for spaces and other services the organization provides. This is why the organization reaches out to the public on a regular basis to request the items be donated by the community.Chavez 4.1COLLAPSEOpportunity cost. In the agency I am currently working. They are contracted by the county to provide services. The time is approved in Units those units include but are not limited to visiting clients assisting them in accessing resources. In order to save money they have us write and correct reports on our own time. All the reports are to be completed two weeks before. Also in order to avoid additional staffing. Caseworkers communicate directly with county caseworkers to request additional information or to make changes to the cases. The agency reports in a regular basis the savings for having us do all this extra assignments and in order to increment profit. They give bonuses to staff not missing any reports.

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Week 4 discussion responses
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