Posted: October 27th, 2022

Week 4


Public safety leaders must always consider the ethical and legal challenges in their decision-making processes. Ethical and legal dilemmas are commonplace, persistently challenging public safety leaders in their decisions and actions in a variety of ways. 

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Week 4
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Consider the position of former Seattle Chief Carmen Best during the takeover of an area in downtown Seattle during the Summer 2020 by protesters. She was faced with a multitude of problems the least of which was a lack of support by the mayor and active incitement by some city councilpersons. She has since tendered her resignation as police chief of Seattle PD.

Review the articles below. What are some of the ethical and legal considerations she faced? Did she exhibit ethical leadership? Why or why not? What were some decision-making elements you learned that she may have used during that challenging time? 

Baker, M. (2020 August 11). ‘Can’t Do It’: Chief Resigns Amid Seattle’s Divide Over Policing. New York Times. Retrieved from

Ruiz, M. (2020 June 11). Seattle police chief: ‘Leaving the precinct was not my decision’. Fox News. Retrieved from

Shaprio, E. (2020 June 12). Seattle police chief on autonomous takeover: ‘We did not … abandon the precinct’. ABC News. Retrieved from

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