Posted: February 11th, 2023

week 3 discussion 2

Evaluate the planning and execution of the lesson shown in the video “Elementary Project: Kindergarten Harvest.” Describe some of the key steps the teachers and garden coordinator took in planning the lesson and evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation activities and outcomes. Describe the steps you usually take in preparing a math, science, history, or other type of lesson.Explain how you establish the goals and objectives, and communicate them to students and to parents.Describe some of the challenges you face with developing activities and obtaining instructional resources in your school. Discuss how you address the challenges to ensure the lesson is implemented as planned. (If you are not working as a teacher, take the role of a teacher in a typical urban middle school and discuss recommended steps for preparing a lesson for a specific subject area, possible challenges, and recommendations to meet the challenges of a teacher.)

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week 3 discussion 2
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