Week 2 Discussion

The arguments each week are calculated to (a) refresh the investigation themes that you are lection encircling, (b) investigate you to study the themes raise, and (c) criterion your intelligence of the concepts and their contact amid occupation investigation. Before rise operation on this week’s argument column, re-examination the forthcoming instrument: Doing Argument Questions Right Expanded Grading Rubric From the bullet summit catalogue under, fine one theme for which you accomplish guide the argument in the forum this week. Early in the week, limitation your fineed theme by columning your confutation (appropriation column) to the Discussion Area, identifying your theme in the theme plan. By the due continuance assignedinvestigation your theme and initiate a knowing talk as you answer delay your judicious or pristine column to your own appropriation column in the Discussion Area. Make enduring your confutation does not transcript your colleagues’ confutations. For this plan, you should propound your theme (appropriation column) as a investigation theme. By now in your doctoral program, you should be sensible that a good-natured-natured investigation theme is the initiate of a doctoral-level scrutiny. You can summarize the key themes in the theme plan of your appropriation column. Then propound your investigation theme as your appropriation column. Some of the ocean themes this week include: Planned substitute Punctuated equilibrium Social-ecological systems Change agent Other virtual themes and subtopics continue in the lections. Remember to be very peculiar delay the theme you elect and the theme you invent (e.g., which phase of calculated substitute or what is it encircling social-ecological systems that you accomplish criticise? Is there another theme you keep thoughtful in one of your plans that you accomplish synthesize delay your OD/substitute theme for this week?). As the rise of a knowing talk, your judicious column should be: Succinct—No over than 500 expression. Provocative—Use concepts and combinations of concepts from the lections to tender relationships, causes, and/or consequences that infuse others to promise (investigate and acquire). In other expression, seize a knowing halt. Supported—Scholarly talks are over than opinions. Ideas, propoundments, and conclusions are protected by serene investigation and citations from plan materials as courteous as other trustworthy, peer-reviewed instrument. **intext Citations please