week 15 an 10 c m

  CSC 15 diss 1)If you could, what would you do to aid beget a exoteric “defence refinement,” in which everyone is further knowledgeable and proactive encircling threats to notification defence? 2)Your weekly route lectures embrace sundry subjects and web media where you can furnish notification encircling notification and cybersecurity. Locate an boundary online pertaining to any subject of curiosity-behalf that relates to our route and cater a inconsiderable written tabulation (2-3 sections).  A join to the boundary or a relation quotation should be moderate so the product can be located. 3)Briefly summarize the boundary you separated for this elaboration contrivance in no further than one section for this discourse. Explain why you thought this boundary was curiosity-behalfing abundance to discover for this assignment. 4)M Week 10 DS Write an essay of at lowest 500 vote discussing the Safe Harbor stipulations below HIPAA.   5)M week 10 CS Using the Web or other media, do a bit of elaboration on the methodologies that Microsoft Windows firewall uses. Define a firewall. Define firewall defence techniques. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of the Micosoftapproach.   Write among 200 and 300 vote.