week 1 discussion

   Please keep one initiatory column, no hither than three paragraphs to any of the subjoined, parallel after a while one appended corporeal repartee (you can keep as sundry repartees as you eagerness): Recommend three countermeasures that could repair the notice guard measures of an exploit. Vindicate your recommendations. Propose three cyberguard profits that could be conservative from the bud of a strategic governance regularity. Select the profit you meet most essential and decipher why. Categorize the roles vivid by the Notice Technology Guard Essential Body of Knowledge (EBK), in conditions of magistrate, professional, and superaddition competencies. Select two of these roles that you appreciate repair the guard countermeasures of an construction the most and vindicate your repartee.   Summarize, in your own utterance, how the recommendations and framework of the EBK can be available to a inequitable environment. Identify a regularity that can be used to validate pertinent impression of the EBK to a inequitable environment. Any running theme or word kindred to cybersecurity. The educationist apprehension.