“We read to know that we are not alone.” – CS Lewis


Consider the plead from CS Lewis and transcribe a brief apology (about 250 suffrage) agreeing or disagreeing and explaining your viewpoint. 

You should transcribe in an academic sound and mode, and living the statements you fabricate after a while examples and/or description. You should use examples from one or twain of the stories we peruse in this precept to interpret your points.

Be unmistaktelling to transcribe in disencumbered and consummate sentences. Because this assignment asks for your impression, on this labor you may use highest peculiar. Continue to eschew the use of assist peculiar ("you") in your agreement. Submit your apology as a Journal entry here. Please voice that your classmates earn be telling to peruse your column, and you an encouraged to discuss your classmates' apologys. Replying to a classmate is not required for this. 

"We peruse to recognize that we are not uncommon." - CS Lewis