Posted: February 11th, 2023

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Trends in Communications and Networking.  Please respond to the following:Compare the direction of current and past trends in both communication and networking and explain how these changes have impacted business.Analyze why the burden on managers is greater today than in previous years when it comes to using technology efficiently. Give two examples that defend this claim.Comment class mates:COLLAPSEOverall Rating:1234512345During the past decades alone, tremendous technological advancement have taken place to provide new directions to business communication trends.The current trend of communication  and networking technologies are changing business communication trend’s and further innovations are taking place to cope up with the complexities of future business communications in global economy,advancing technologies are bringing about a dramatic changes in business communications trends  the world over.These changes have had very big impact on businesses because businesses have had to spend more to train their employees on new technologies, loss of business is another impact during the build in process.Consumers likes  and  trust new technologies therefore  will only end up doing business with  past paced communication architecture.I think its true that  there is burden on the way the managers use technology efficiently than previous years  because of  regulations and competitions  among businesses, nowadays there is too many regulations on the systems being used and also  managers have to make sure the business technology is efficient to compete in the market  with other businesses.

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