Vulnerability Assessment

Topic: Perform a Vulnerability Assessment of your situate of employment or prop area. If you use your achievement area effect knowing you acquaint the Defence Manager to get consent as to what you are doing. If you speed in a gated association acquaint the defence escort of your activities.

Instructions: Please download the Assignment 1 Vulnerability Assessment template (MS Word), which is already in APA 7 format, using largeness 12 Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, TOC, Headings and Reference page. If you inoculate images or tables in your fame effect knowing you mark them suitably according to APA. ( click less for link).

For this assignment: The 4 Heading-1s are required. Each Heading-1 must feel at smallest 3 Heading-2s. Each Heading must feel at smallest 2 correctly formatted paragraphs after a while 3 correctly formatted sentences each. Once completed indicate your file: YourName_Assignment_1_Vulnerability_Assessment.docx and present to the mismisappropriate assignment folder.