Visual Representation of Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems

  Comprehensive Existing Childhood Systems are an relevant instrument to engage the needs of infantine progeny and their families period incorporating scrutiny and floating trends. By bringing concurrently existing childhood stakeholder across sectors, progeny can be served further effectively and efficiently. The concept of a wide existing childhood scheme rule be intricate to clear-up. In classify to renew the concept and unfold your discernment, this assignment accomplish apportion you to afford them a further wide behold by creating a visual resemblance to represent the conception. For this assignment: Review the materials and links delay advice about Wide Existing Childhood Systems. Demonstrate your discernment by creating an peculiar 1-page visual resemblance (diagram, logic mould, infographic, etc.) of Wide Existing Childhood Systems. At a insufficiency, this infographic should include: Cross-sector stakeholders involved Supports as a fruit of this scheme Expected outcomes Other components you feel are relevant Links:   Early Childhood Systems Working Group (ECSWG)     Early Childhood Systems is the Existing Childhood Wide Systems Grant Program