Posted: October 27th, 2022

Video Response

After watching the video(s), you will submit a response to the Canvas discussion board addressing the questions in the prompt. Your response should end with a question that you have after watching the video(s). The video response will be worth 10 points and should be around 150-200 words. After posting your response, you will respond to a peer’s video response on the discussion board. Replying to a peer’s comment on your post does not count. Please see

the rubric

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Video Response
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for more grading details.

Prompt: After watching the video, why do you think the 20th Century was the most destructive and deadly in all of human history? What lessons can we draw from the past century?

Video response discussion rubric

Total: 10 points



Points allotted

Addressing the prompt: the student adequately addresses all parts of the prompt. The student brings specific details from the video and demonstrates critical thinking. The student’s views on the subject-matter of the video are clear.


Remaining question: the student ends the video response with a remaining question. This question demonstrates the student’s interest in the subject-matter of the video and proves that he/she deeply thought about the topic.


Responding to a classmate: the student responds to a peer’s response and/or remaining question. The peer response further demonstrates the student’s critical thinking and interest in the topic.

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