Posted: October 27th, 2022

video dicussion


Rubric for Scoring Discussion Boards

Instructor will monitor every discussion board. Participation in discussion boards will be recorded. Note that participation should include both quality and quantity – with precedence given to quality. Please note that you need to answer all of the questions in the discussion boards to qualify for the highest credit of 10 points, in in both quality and quantity dimensions. There are no make ups for the discussion boards. Students can expect to get anywhere between 7-10 points for each post. The total scores will be averaged and normalized to 10 points. Below, I have the criteria for the scoring based on your level of contribution.

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video dicussion
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Please note that discussion board posts that are copied will be disqualified and taken out of points calculation. If you cannot do an original discussion board post, you should not post, as a rule.


Points (of 150)

A student posts prepared points that are drawn from the material and readings; The student presents examples related to the project on the post and relies on own experience (perhaps internships) and readings from the book and alludes to how the post relates to the material learnt; Beyond the book, I also encourage you to draw examples from other sources like Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and any other popular press stories. These posts should raise issues that demonstrate connections between topics taught in the different weeks.

The student posts at least one response to another student’s post that says something that is either constructive or presents a different perspective on the post in question.


Student’s points are related to the course, but there are no examples, or attempts to relate the concepts to readings, or other external material. Most of the posted material is directly from the book and no attempt is made to real-life challenges.


Anything below the first two categories



Watch the Big Dig documentary carefully. This is the first part of the three part series for the one discussion board on Big Dig. In the past three weeks, we have covered introduction to the project, project selection, and to some degree project estimation. Based on these please answer the following questions: Please note that you will have to answer all of the questions so as to gain a good discussion board score. Consult the discussion board scoring rubric.

1. How does Big Dig qualify as a “project” ? – Please focus on the definition of a project, in your answer.

2. In the class, we read that a project management is a socio-technical approach. What approaches did you see in the documentary? What do you believe was more challenging in this project — the sociocultural side of the project, or the technical side of the project?

3. What do you think were the project’s priorities? Was it Cost, time, or scope? Why?

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