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US history w9-12

I have some US history assignments that are quite easy and need to be done. Criteria and essential readings are all attached 

Please read through the assignments and see if you can do it. 

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US history w9-12
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NewspaperProject Instructions


Create a newspaper covering the Spanish-American War by writing

articles and editorials, and finding political cartoons and illustrations

(cited, of course) about the material you have been learning.

You are to express the views of the time period and write like a “yellow

journalist.” A journalist who is trying to highly influence the reader by

using exaggeration and sensationalism. Use your imagination and be


The first thing you need to do is name your newspaper.

General Requirements​:

1. Name your newspaper, date it (based on the date from that period)

and include your name as editor. ​ Even though the events may
all be at different times, still assign a date with the proper


Think of a ​sensational​ headline for your paper. Remember you
are a “yellow journalist.”

2. Your newspaper must include all assignments for the newspaper


3. Your newspaper must be neatly organized.

4. Your newspaper ​may​ also include other parts of a newspaper not
assigned, such as a classified section, sports, comics,

advertisements, etc.

5. Each article must have a title. The title should be short and to the


6. The articles should have five or more sentences, and should be

interesting, informative, and based on facts. However, you are also

writing during a time period when “yellow journalism” was

prominent. ​Good news articles answer the questions: “who?
what? when? where? why? and how?” Each article MUST be

specific – names, descriptions, details, etc.

Article Requirements​:

1. Article on the sinking of the Maine (5)

2. Political Cartoon on the Spanish-American War (with citation) (5)

3. An article on your interview with Colonel Alfred Thayer Mahan

(5) ​This article should focus on his famous book

4. An article answering the question: Who were the Buffalo Soldiers

during the Spanish-American War? (5)

5. An editorial (the editor’s opinion) on Theodore Roosevelt (5)

6. An article describing the Rough Riders and what they did during

the Spanish-American War (5)

7. An article describing the details of the Treaty of Paris’ settlement

of the war (remember this Treaty of Paris must relate to the

Spanish-American War since there are many treaties that made

in Paris (5)

8. Letter to the editor from the Philippines stating your opinion on

what you are seeing following the Treaty of Paris – you may be a

U.S. soldier or American non-combatant who is still there, a

Filipino citizen or soldier, or rebel. (5)

9. Inclusion of sources for pictures and article information.

Grading Rubric​:

Total: 55 points

Inclusion and quality of all articles and cartoon (40)

Inclusion of title, date, editor, headline (5)

Organization, writing, minimum grammatical errors (5)

Creativity, use of color, attractive presentation (5)

Sources included!!! – no sources, no grade


1. Read pages 569 – 573. Take note of all bold-faced terms.
2. To help you organize, create a chart with “Roosevelt’s Square Deal” at the top.
3. Make 3 columns and label them: Corporations (businesses); Consumers (anyone who buys good, groceries or medicine),

and Conservation (environmentalists). To help you remember the areas that TR emphasized in his policy making, just
think of the 3Cs☺. Then, fill in the columns with what you learn.

4. Take a look at the top right corner of page 569. Did you know that the “Teddy” bear was named for Teddy Roosevelt?
Now take a look at the Political Cartoon on page 570 and answer the following:

1. What do you think his differing approaches to Trusts are according to this cartoon

Read pages 574 – 575 and create a chart to compare and contrast policies of TR and Taft. Write at least 3
different contrasts between the two presidents

● On page 575, take a look at the political cartoon and answer the 2 Analysis questions. Do not just describe
what is there; describe what it means.

● Read pages 577-579. Pay particular attention to the terms in bold. Also pay particular attention to the chart on page 578
which outlines the Progressive Era Legislation and Constitutional Amendments (16-19).


1. Read pages 588 – 591 and complete the concept web in the attachment. If you have trouble with the
web, just make a list.

2. Read pages 592 – 595. Read through the Infographic at the bottom of pages 594 – 595 and answer the ‘Thinking Critically’

questions on page 595.

write at least 4 things that you learned.

Group Discussion
Group discussions are designed for you to interact with your peers about the material you are learning in class. It is important
that you answer the questions based on evidence from the course and outside information. Take some time to research and
explore before composing your answers. Be sure to look carefully at the attached rubric for group discussion expectations.
This week’s question:

● Do you think political cartoons are a useful or harmful tool? Explain your response.
● How effective was/is yellow journalism? Do you believe this is a fair way of reporting, why or why not?
● Where do you see examples of yellow journalism today?

Classmate’s post:
K, Close:
I think political cartoons can be both harmful and useful. They are useful for raising awareness to political issues. They can also be harmful if people use
them to spread political rumors or untrue facts.
Yellow journalism is when you post a side of a conflict or event with exaggerated or showy features to get more attention from readers. Because of this
reason Yellow journalism can be very effective. yellow journalism can be either positive or negative depending on what its about.
You can see many examples of yellow journalism today either in the press or social media. People will write and post their perspectives and struggles with
exaggerations and biased feelings which someone will most definitely contradict in some way.

R, Anthony
I think they are a useful tool because they can be used to help solve a problem.
I think it was effective because it showed the people’s perspective.
You see it in the news and on Facebook were people will post or say something that they do like or don’t like.

Day 1. The Filipino Insurrection
Read pp. 599- top of 601 to find out what happened.
Assignment: How did the war end for the Philippines? (3) What did Congress pass to assure that the Philippines would eventually be
independent and what did it state? (3) When and how was this promise fulfilled? (3)

Day 4. Latin America and Diplomacy (continued)
Assignment : Read pp. 605-611

List the three presidents (Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson) and name and describe their foreign policies. (9)


write at least 4 things that were new to you and/or you enjoyed
The Boxer Rebellion – 8 minutes

Newspaper project, check attachment


At the bottom of p. 628 is a chart entitled American Home Front

● Mobilization,
● Opposition,
● Social Changes
1. Skim through Section 2 to fill this chart.
2. For each section, you will have 3 things
3. List the three things in the proper column and be sure to clearly but briefly describe each one

After you have viewed the videos and read the article, write about 6 things you learned.
Video: The Harlem Hellfighters – 6 minutes master.m3u8

Article: 369th Infantry Regiment “Harlem Hellfighters” (link )



1. Name and describe the long and short-term causes of WWI?
2. Why did Americans have divided loyalties?
3. Explain the 3 views of American entry into the war: isolationism, interventionism, and internationalism.

Next read pp. 624-625 and 627.

1. Read through the timeline on Submarines at the bottom of p. 625
2. Answer the two Critical Thinking question.,18,13,10,7,4,2,1,00.mp4.csmil/master.m3u8?__b__=700&hdnea=st=1612678663~exp=1612689493~acl=/i/AETN-History_VMS/History_WWI_The_Harlem_Hellfighters_159264_SF_rev2_S3_*~hmac=7fac5e903eb58ad88d3e3b619166051b841cd8a53f72fbac117a829cf7b54701

369th Infantry Regiment “Harlem Hellfighters”

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