Posted: December 21st, 2022

Unit 6 Discussions

Unit 6 DB: Perception of Value


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Unit 6 Discussions
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Do you agree that employees tend to undervalue or take their employee benefits for granted and why or why not?  From your readings and your experience, how might an employer effectively increase the perceived value employees place on their employee benefits package?

Unit 6 Discussion: Power and Influence


You have recently been hired to lead a team comprised of relatively long term, experienced employees. Their performance has been generally satisfactory; however, changes are coming and it will be your job to affect this change.  As the “new sheriff” in town, what sources of power and influence are available to you?  Which do you feel would be most successful and why?  What are the potential consequences of your using the types of power and influence you identified?  How do you think you would best be able to resolve any conflicts within the team?

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