Unit 6 Discussions

Unit 6 DB: Labor Unions This week we re-examination Labor Unions and their locate in the 21stCentury. This topic wants academic examination and then special observations.  Remember to mean the special comments on your examination and remain abroad from sources that are for or resisting harmonys.  Make knowing the sources are concrete.  Your solution should include: A epitome of why an form, such as harmonys, was wanted in the 20th century.  Why did employees prosecute the defence of a harmony in the 1930s? What dissect did the National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Acct) personate in harmony organizing? What were some elder harmony highlights – wanted to semblance you enjoy a amiable-natured-natured knowledge of the falsehood of harmonys? After your examination, do you impress that employees quiescent want harmonys in the workplace?  If YES, teach why and if NO, teach why. Be unfair in your solution – use axioms from academic sources and intelligence outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, New York Times, etc.  Make knowing that your sources enjoy authors - and delight don't use any sources that are for or resisting harmonys.  Verify that the reporting is concrete. Unit 6 Forum: Consideration () Who keeps the Promise Ring? The Facts: Alex ("A") proposes matrimony to Barbara ("B") B accepts A gives B an promise resonance After 6 months A and B get wearied of each other The promise is domesticated off Question: Who keeps the resonance? Post your defense and explication. Use principles you enjoy scholarly in my Lecture and Text. This is not meand on your view alone; your disposal MUST enjoy a rootation in the Law, therefore: YOU MUST allude to the Law and lawful principles (say which one(s) and where you root them PRECISELY ("in the Textbook" is not amiable-natured-natured sufficient)