Posted: February 11th, 2023

TX Government Writing Assignment: Whether or not convicted felons in Texas should be able to vote or not.

PLEASE HAVE IT TO ME BY MIDNIGHT APRIL 6, 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!All instructions are in the attachments and below, please follow throughougly, as this is 15% of my grade. Students must submit a 1-2 page typewritten research paper on the issue of voting rights for convicted felons in Texas. YOUR PAPER MUST MEET THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS: 1) Identify and explain the current TEXAS law regarding the voting rights of the following types of Texas citizens: a. Those currently incarcerated; b. Those released from prison but who are still on parole; c. Those who are ex-convicts and have completed their parole. 2) Explain whether or not you think any or all of these laws should be changed. Give specific reasons for your position. Give at least two specific reasons for your position. 3) Describe who may or may not benefit from the position you take in 2) above. Consider the impact on political parties, or on candidates for various Texas State offices and also consider the impact in other areas, e.g., economic, political, social. 4) List at least two things you could do in order to engage the political process in Texas in pursuit of your position in 2) above. 5) Cite at least three (3) reliable, quality references from the media and/or the internet within the body of the paper using the parenthetical citation style (see below for link). One of the citations MUST come from the class textbook (-10 penalty points if this is not done), and NONE may be from ANY encyclopedia, including Wikipedia (-10 penalty points if this is done). You must have at least three parenthetical citations in the body of the paper that correctly match the sources properly formatted in the Works Cited section. A paper with no parenthetical source citations and/or no works cited section at the end will receive a mark of 0 and no second chances will be allowed. 3 The paper’s in-text parenthetical citations AND Works Cited section must conform to the format found in the examples from this website: (be sure to click on the Author-Date tab!). Students must be very careful when they examine internet websites. 6) In order for your paper to be accepted for grading, you must submit it in two separate sections of eCourses: a. Using the Taskstream link; and b. Using the Turn It In link. Your report should be about two pages of text (not counting the works cited section). No late assignments will be taken under any circumstances. All papers must have a title.TWO PAGES INCLUDING WORKS CITED. NO MORE THAN 3 PAGES.Textbook link if needed: are graded according to the following four criteria:1) content;2) organization;3) quality of writing; and4) quality of research sources and reference citation formats.All written assignments must be typed, in 12-point font, and double-spaced.

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TX Government Writing Assignment: Whether or not convicted felons in Texas should be able to vote or not.
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