Posted: February 11th, 2023

Training & Development

1200 wordsMIN 15 APA In-text Citations Referencing Times New Roman Font, Size 12Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd, commonly known as Comfort, is a taxi company owned by ComfortDelgro Corporation Ltd. With the advent of the sharing economy, Singapore’s taxi industry has been significantly disrupted (see Clarity of Purpose.In the Introduction, explain the rationale and purpose for the training. Include a survey of the business environment. Give a clear purpose for the training program. Purpose of training is derived from the challenges arising from the business environment.ii. Quality of the Alignment between Learning Outcomes and Business Goals. Review the training needs analyses conducted and state the learning outcomes proposed for this training programme. Explain how the training is aligned and relevant to the achievement of the business goals. (Clearly state the actions that need to be taken and align learning outcomes for the proposed training with the business goals.) iii. Appropriateness of the Choice of Training Methods & Validity and Reliability of the Assessment MethodsPropose appropriate training and assessment methods. Explain how the training methods are aligned to the intended learning outcomes and how the measurement of learning is valid and reliable. The assessment methods should be valid, reliable and authentic.iv. Awareness of Resource and Investment RequirementsDelineate the resources required to implement the training programme (provide complete resource list). Include any other related investments that may be necessary, but not immediately spent in implementing the training programme.

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Training & Development
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