Posted: February 11th, 2023

theatre assignment

After reading Chapter 9, The American Musical (pp. 204- 230 ) in Theatrical Worlds,  submit your initial response to the following 6 question prompt by 11:00 p.m. on 4/07 and 2 replies (as described below) by 11:00 p.m. on 4/12 in your team’s Forum entitled “Discussion 8: The American Musical¿  (linked below).This is worth 20 pts.- [See the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric in the Syllabus and as an attachment to this Forum topic].The purpose of this discussion is to help you demonstrate your understanding of the history and relevance of the living genre, The American Musical, and how theatrical productions reflect the ideas of the culture that produce them (then and now).Prompt:1.    Why is The American Musical a living genre? Why is it named The American Musical?2.    After reading “Early Musical Theatre: Entertainment and Genres” (pp. 205-215), watch the following video. Do you think it is important to know how The American Musical evolved? Why/why not?            “The Dance: The History of American Minstrelsy”: After reading Chapter 9 and viewing the PBS video – “Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy”, what did you learn about The American Musical that you did not know?4. Which person(s) do you think made the greatest contribution(s) to The American Musical genre? Why? 5. Of all the musicals mentioned in this chapter, name the one(s) that is (are) your favorite(s ) and tell why.6. In the PBS 2004 Documentary “Broadway: The American Musical” Mel Brooks says that a musical “blows the dust off your soul.” What do you think this means? Why do you think The American Musical is so popular?textBOOK:

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