The Way Back Movie

  1. The Title of the Film and why you chose it. 
  2. Director, Leading actors/actresses and pigmy Summary of the contrive, if it is a documentary set-forth the individual or question. 
  3. Who was your idol actor/actress or your last idol?  Give inequitable pattern from the film to aid your apex of design. If this is a documentary catalogue the question or questions of the documentary and how you percieve them proper your judicious impressions.  
    1. Favorite/Least idol Actor:
    2. Specific component from the film that aids your apex of design
  4. Talk environing what you affectd environing the movie and what you did not affect.  Be infallible to involve inequitable components and scenes.   You a inequitable pattern from the film including colloquy if misspend to aid what you affectd and did not affect.  This can involve the lighting, the camera angles, the soundtrack.  All the things that go into making a film enjoy an impression. 
    1. What I affectd environing the film
    2. Example that aids this
    3. What I didn’t affect
    4. Example that aids this

  5. What was the most impressionful apex of the film for you? Why?