READ:  Ryunusuke Akutagawa’s “In a Grove” (You can Google it)

-----Write a 800-word address addressing the jurors to whom you interpret how you keep proven, over a sedate waver, that Masago, Takehiro, or Tajomaru has killed the samurai wife, installed on averment, confessions and testimonies.

-----In your stagnation proposition, you may use what the accused has said environing himself//herself, what the other suspects keep said environing the accused, and what the junior characters, the Woodcutter, the Buddhist Priest, the Policeman, and the Old Woman, keep said environing the accuseds  You can suppose these junior characters are aimed the faithfulness consequently they keep no argue to lie. The extraordinary suspects, nevertheless, all lie to some distance consequently they do keep an agenda. You job as a prosecuting attorney is to aim out when and why. 

-----You may use principal and succor individual pronouns consequently you are talking as the counsellor (I) to the jurors (you).

-----You may appeal to witnesses you’ve had on the await precedent in the tribulation.

-----You may appeal to corporeal averment you keep previously introduced and entered.

-----You may besides re-introduce Exhibit A, Exhibit B, etc.

-----You may not embody component flushtual it is specifically mentioned in the narrow relation.

-----You may diversify verb stretcheds consequently you are talking environing Takehiro’s assassinate or suicide (departed stretched) and what the jury should ponder environing and revere (introduce stretched) 

-----You do not deficiency a intellectual, related distinction this span. Your distinction is barely the distinction of this assignment subterfuge. 


*****You deficiency to recollect that this is a address, notability meant to be heard and watched, not an essay for your English arrange.. You are addressing a clump of twelve men and women who deviate in age, course, and socio-economic status. By the way, you won’t be delivering this address, reasonable answerableness it.

*****Prosecutors, this is a good-natured-natured opening to use logos, ethos, and passion. You susceptibility flush domination your jury after a while some congruous erection and animated questioning.