Posted: October 27th, 2022

The journal

I need this assignment to be done according to my professor instructions.

If you do not follow the instructions and submit me the unrelated work, you will be reviewed negatively with low stars.

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The journal
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There is no specific topic for this assignment. Just follow the below instructions in detail

The Instructions for assignment 


1. Identify an individual in a leadership role. This leadership role may be, for example, leading 

an organization, a sports team, a faith community, a volunteer group but must be a role 

associated with positional leadership (formal position as leader).   

2. Develop a minimum of five (5) behavioural interview questions designed to provide you with 

an opportunity to gather specific information about leadership effectiveness.  It is 

recommended that you give these questions to the person you will interview at least 48 

hours in advance of your meeting to provide your interviewee some time to reflect and 


3. Schedule and conduct an interview of 30 to 45 minutes with the identified leader answering 

each of the five interview questions you prepared

4. Prepare a written report summarizing the interview according to the outline described below 

(see “report” below)



The report will be approximately two – three pages, typed, double spaced using 10 or 11 Arial 

fonts. It should be formatted in a business-like style (appropriate headings, writing style clear 

and concise) and be error-free.  The report must include the following: 

1. Identification and brief description of the leader interviewed and the meeting context

2. A list of the five questions asked with responses.

 3. A brief commentary describing your key insights, observations, reflections, 

comments and criticisms in response/reaction to the interview.   What did you learn?

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