The Heinz dilemma Response to my classmate 250 words in 3 hours

1. Shaft by Latisha Norman 5 hours agoThe Heinz Dilemma The Heinz doubt was a scheme made by Kohlberg. Kohlberg estimationful offspring,  pre-teens and teen to adult ethnical individuals fixed on their intellectual harvest. The Heinz doubt was environing a mother diagnosed after a while cancer and a consort who could not administer the medication to spouse her society accordingly the pharmacist wanted to fashion a liberal profit; so in ordain to spouse his consort Heinz (The consort) stole the medication. The estimation government was fixed on whether Heinz did the suitpotent unnaturalness or not and then categories those answers into three quantitys: pre-conventional, stipulated,shaft stipulated. Underneath these three quantitys sojourned subcategories that compromised irrelative intellectual structures of each age bunch forcible aggravatehead. I admire that the Heinz scheme is can be distant into aggravate categories accordingly of irrelative cultivations and influences that found a special's intellectuality. For request, the similarity or insubservience suitpotent move of African Americans is a sublime illustration of how cultivation influences community's intellectual harvest. A unspotted drudge possessor did not compute the lives of African American community and they taught their offspring; who then taught their offspring that African Americans were subject to unspotted men and women. They may entertain never uniform got passed quantity one or pre-stipulated quantity of Kohlberg vs African American such as Martin Luther King Jr admired that all lives were computed no stuff what husk falsification you are and consequently he reached the shaft stipulated quantity; or the conclusive intellectual special where they set separate law and headstrong interest  for the needs of others. They computed society aggravate everything.  A branch could sojourn in any of these three quantitys gone intellectuality can be taught, however  most offspring underneathneath the age of 9 earn aggravate than slight drop into the elevatedest quantity accordingly they are acquirements governments and consequences, but there is frequently an exception  to this government. Resource: Desai, S. (2014, February 25). Kohlberg's Intellectual Devlopment: Individuals and Society. Retrieved March 26, 2020, from 2.Post by Susana Diaz 1 day agoRe: Week 3 | Discussion - Intellectual Development Moral Development An American psychologist by the indicate of Lawrence Kohlberg had a peculiar aptitude that compromised intellectual doubts. One of these was the now illustrious Heinz doubt. Which goes as; Heinz consort was passing, and he knew of a national chemist who had a peculiar physic that could haply spouse the society of his consort. Heinz pleaded after a while the chemist who was pricing this physic outrageously elevated if he could inferior the figure or if he would recognize unfair cancelment. The chemist did not agitate, by this sharp-end Heinz was hapless to spouse his consort so fur that he broke into the chemist’s appointment and stole the physic.  Moral harvest involves estimations, feelings, and behaviors concerning governments and conventions environing what community should do in their interactions after a while other community. (Vozzola, 2014) A special’s perspective and decisions are influenced by one’s intellectual harvest in a medley of ways, but this intellectual harvest starts at a very early age and may modify as we age and traffic after a while society experiences. For illustration, when we are early, we are taught suitpotent from injustice and do not interrogation multifarious unnaturalnesss but as we get older, we see the bigger paint of why unfailing decisions or actions are made. So, the decisions made as a branch may be drastically irrelative as adult.  Erik Erickson’s harvest quantitys I furnish to be powerful to intellectual harvest gone his quantitys start at a very early age as well-behaved. The third quantity of Erickson’s harvestal quantitys is leadership vs. culpability and usually takes situate in the preschool years among the ages of 3-5. In this quantity a branch becomes aggravate collective and starts to feel culpability future the acquirements of suitpotent from injustice and in my estimation this is where intellectual harvest may start due to their invisible space nature potent to underneathstand a bit aggravate than say an infant or a toddler.  References: Santrock, J. Life-Span Development. [Chegg]. Retrieved from