Posted: January 24th, 2023

term paper

Term Paper Instructions
You are required to write about current events that are relevant to human resources
Article Date Requirement: The selected article should be published within three months
of the due date.
Article Source: Potential sources include The Wall Street Journal, Fortune,
BusinessWeek, Money, HR Magazine and Training & Development Journal, Society for
Human Resource Management (SHRM) website.
The content of this paper should include three parts:
1. Review of Important /Major Content offered in the Article:
Approximately one page in length. This page should be a well-written, concise, and
complete synopsis of the important elements of the article. Short articles will not work
because they will not be able to be summarized into one page in length!
2. Deep Look at the Relevance to Course:
Approximately three pages in length and fully cited. This should specifically describe
the chapter(s), chapter topic(s), class discussion(s) and key concept(s) this current
event article specifically pertains to and how the article expands your understanding of
the course content.
3. Reference Page:
Provide a full “References” page at end of the paper and check to assure those in-text
citations coordinate to a reference – and that references coordinate with in-text citations
utilized in the paper.
Note: The paper should be double-spaced, with 1- inch margins on all sides, no extra spacing
between paragraphs, and use the Times New Roman 12-point font.

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