Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy could be defined as a miss attaining motherhood antecedently she reaches the constitutional age of adulthood. Rates of teenage pregnancy in Jamaica are discurrent the highest in the Caribbean, after a while females between the ages of fifteen to nineteen years of age nature legitimate for one hundred and prospect births per thousand women. Females between the ages of ten and nineteen representation for twenty-five percent of births in Jamaica, and twenty-two percent of births between fifteen to nineteen year olds are prevent pregnancies. Contrary to favorite conviction the teenagers implicated are not the merely ones at misdeed. These pregnancies are a end of other un-addressed issues surrounding them. These issues stock from three things: sacred teachings as it relates to sex, parentage environment and equal exigency. These are the superior influences after a whilein an individual’s duration. Christianity is the dominant faith in Jamaica. Christianity’s mode to sex is vegetarianism merely, resisting the unsuccessfulness of this strategy. The Ministry of Health the assertion was made that, “Early sex outset is not a new fad and offspring are amply cognizant of this. In deed, sundry of us lection this designation are products of teenage mothers or parents who were uniformly taught about vegetarianism and valuing wilful but peaceful betrothed in coming sexual relationships. On mediocre, the age of sexual outset in Jamaica for misss is 15 years and 13 years for boys, after a while some as coming as nine years old. ” Sacred convictions portray a big role in this. Our churches vaguely acquaint our youths on sex, STD’s and contraceptives. Picture sexuality as the production God forbade Adam to eat. Adam had no recognition of what the production or was why he wasn’t reputed to eat it.