Posted: October 27th, 2022

Teenage pregnancy documentation

In 2 pages (approximately 500 words):

1. The teen pregnancy rates in their community/region; students should compare and contrast with rates in 2 other parts of the country. Students should be encouraged to look for areas that have different types of populations (e.g. urban, rural, suburban, diverse populations, ect.)

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Teenage pregnancy documentation
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2. Most teens are highly connected online. Students should identify 2 reputable online resources that could be recommended for pregnant teenagers. Students can consider apps, online support groups, blogs, social media sites, and/or informational websites, and describe how to access the 2 selected resource and the mission/services provided by the resources. Students should critique aspects of the resources such as the ease of accessibility and accuracy of information provided, nature of the interactivity, credentials/reputation of the organization that manages the site/resources, literacy level required, visual appeal, creativity, use of graphics, etc. What confidentiality or ethical concerns are/may be associated with the use of these 2 resources?

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