Posted: November 25th, 2022

Tech or No Tech


Week 1 Assignment Worksheet

This assignment has two parts:

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Tech or No Tech
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  1. Write a 200-300 word reflection on your use of technology.
  2. Complete the Technology Backup Plan worksheet.

PART 1: Tech NO or Tech KNOW? Your comfort with technology.


In this part of the assignment,   you will identify the degree to which you are a “tool using” being and   reflect upon your current levels of technology use. 

  1. Complete the ‘Check Your Tech’ Home Technology        Inventory worksheet found in the Week 1 Resources area. You do not        need to turn this in.
  2. Reflect on your findings during the exercise. 
  3. Write 200-300 words summarizing your findings        while answering the following questions. 

    What surprised you about your use         of technology and the kinds of technology you use?
    Which, if any, of the technologies have         more to do with your professional life than your private life?
    What does         your technology and         the way you use it say about you as a person?

Type directly into the box   below. Make sure to respond to each question above. Please proof read and   spell check your work.


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PART 2: Technology Back-Up Plan

Unfortunately, computers crash and Internet connections fail—usually at the most inconvenient times. It is important to have a plan in place, just in case. After all, instructors expect assignments to be turned in on time, regardless of technical difficulties. 

Fortunately, there is lots of help available if you know where to look for it. Completing this worksheet and printing it out will provide you with essential information when you most need it. 


  • Update this information each time you revise your plan.
  • Contact your Instructor immediately if you have a technology      emergency, such as if your computer crashes.


Walden Website   Addresses

If your computer is not   working, you may need to access your online courses and other university   services from a different computer. Usually, we do not memorize these   addresses as they are bookmarked on the computer. You will need this   information if you lose your bookmarks.


Walden website address: ________________________________

Website address for accessing online courses (at Walden, this is   through your myWalden portal page): _________________________________


Two   Alternative Computers

Identify a minimum of two alternative computers that   you could use at any time throughout the term in case your primary computer   is not working. If your home computer is your primary computer, then you will   need to list two more. 


Alternative Computer 1



Alternative Computer 2


File Backup System

Backup or save your course files weekly to an   external drive (recommended),   recordable CD or DVD, Flash or USB drive, or a cloud service. or other data   storage device. This ensures you will have access to important files even if   you cannot access your computer. 


I will backup   files to this item, device, or place: __________________________


File Backup   Schedule

It is important to back up your files regularly. A   best practice is to select a time and day each week to complete this task,   then write it on your weekly calendar.


I will backup files on this day each week: ____________________________


Contact Information

It is important to have contact information printed   out for reference in case of a technology failure.

Tip: Contact your Instructor immediately when you have a technology   emergency, such as if your computer crashes. Check the spelling of the   instructor’s name in the email address. A typo in an email address means the email won’t get through. 


Technology   Support Services:

Student Support Team: Technical Support











Time zone:

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