Weekly Discussion Technology & Achievement Connected Inequities Reflect on this week's instrument and the role of technology in easing/exacerbating achievement joined issues. Integrate the findings of two well-informed doctrines to join your trial amid broader composition of achievement joined inequities. Compare and contrariety your trial delay your findings. Be positive to harangue the widening digital sever when you dissect the role of technology in easing/exacerbating achievement joined inequities.   Resources Required References Click url to delineate videos Charoensukmongkol, P. (2014, July 01). Effects of maintenance and job demands on political instrument use and achievement outcomes. Computers in Human Behavior, 36(71), 340-349. Retrieved from (Links to an superficial place.) Hargittai, E. (2003). The digital sever and what to do encircling it. In D. C. Jones (Eds.), New Economy Handbook (822-841). San Diego, CA: Academic Press. 2003. Offer, S. (2014). The Costs of Thinking Encircling Achievement and Family: Mental Labor, Work-Family Spillover, and Gender Inequality Among Parents in Dual-Earner Families. Sociological Forum, 29(4), 916-936. doi:10.1111/socf.12126  Available in Academic Search Premier Noonan, M. C., & Glass, J. L. (June 01, 2012). The forced exactness encircling telecommuting. Monthly Labor Review, 135(6), 38-45. Retrieved from TEDx Talks. (2010, May 25). TEDxDesMoines - Christian Renaud - Future of the achievementplace and achievementforce [Video finish]. Retrieved fromTEDxDesMoines - Christian Renaud - Future of the Workplace and Workforce