Posted: February 11th, 2023

statistic task

ITS NEED R CODDING AND I HAVE POST THE R CODE THAT YOU NEED FROM LAST TIME AND THE DATA FOR THE NEW TASK )we decided to do 2 sample inference to determine if there was a difference between the mean jumping distance of the control frogs (data from last time YOU WILL FIND IT IN THE ATTACH FILE) and half size frogs. The treatment data is a sample of half size frogs jumping distance. Our samples are independent. control.2 = c(6.3,7.7,4.1,15,13,7,7.8,4,10,8.5,10,7.5,23,20,4,3.3,2.5,5,5,7,8.9,3.5,1.5,19)trmt.2 = c(8,12,16.3,15,15,23,13.2,30,15.5,12.7,16,13,16,11,14,18,18,13,7.8,9,5,17,9.5,18.5,19.5,13.5)

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statistic task
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