Posted: October 27th, 2022

SMGT 505 – Sport Law Project – Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Please see the attached instructions to complete this assignment.  Also, please include a biblical passage/verse as well.  Thanks.

SMGT 505

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SMGT 505 – Sport Law Project – Annotated Bibliography Assignment
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Annotated Bibliography Assignment



While we regularly see issues and trends in the sport, tourism, and recreation industries make headlines in the media the, sometimes, underlying legal issues might not be as obvious. However, it is incumbent for a competent manager to understand how certain decisions, actions and the like might carry important legal implications. The three-part Sport Law Project in this course provides students the opportunity to explore a legal issue of their choosing from a variety of instructive methods. As a result, the Sport Law Project is comprised of the following three assignments: an annotated bibliography, a written paper, and a risk management presentation. The Annotated Bibliography assignment helps students delve into the scholarly literature in order to inform their breadth and depth of knowledge regarding the issue being examined. The Paper assignment allows students the opportunity to develop their knowledge base by presenting literature and legal evidence on their chosen topic and applying the outcomes and lessons to managerial practice. Finally, the Risk Management Presentation assignment creates the pragmatic yet hypothetical, ‘if I had to present this topic to my staff in an employee training workshop, what key information about this legal issue do I need to convey from a risk management perspective?’


As the first assignment in the three-part Sport Law Project, you will create an annotated bibliography consisting of 10 peer-reviewed sources.  An annotated bibliography is an alphabetical list of complete citations (in APA format) to the literature you have researched on your topic, each citation accompanied by a brief paragraph explaining the contents of each entry.  Each annotation should not summarize the article, nor should it list the article’s content; rather, it should briefly explain 1) the author’s main point or argument; 2) the author’s method or approach; and 3) the place of the piece in the literature as a whole (e.g., does the author agree with other scholars?).  The Annotated Bibliography should provide a solid overview of the existing state of the discussion in the area you are studying. 

In addition to these instructions and strict adherence to current APA format, you must include the following:

· In order for your instructor to understand the context for your bibliography, state your sport, tourism, recreation, etc. legal issue at the top of the document, before your first reference. This topic will be the same legal issue you study through all three parts of the Sport Law Project.

· To eliminate any possible confusion, number each peer-reviewed reference, 1 through 10. Additional non-peer-reviewed references are welcome but include at the bottom of the document, in a separate list.

· Write your respective summary paragraph for each reference immediately after each APA-formatted citation.

· Since attention to detail is an excellent skill to develop, complete adherence to correct and current APA format is expected for each peer-reviewed citation.

· A title page or abstract is not needed for this assignment.

· While older, seminal publications can be included in addition to those numbered 1 through 10, acceptable sources for the required ten peer-reviewed citations must be published within the last ten years.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.

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