TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT SLP convergencees on the capacity and capacity skillful-treatment of your corporation. Session Long Project Using the imaginary corporation from the preceding SLPs, hold to unfold the corporation profile and gratuitous counsel. This is a very open-ended SLP, and it allure surrender you an occasion to amplify your comprehension and use creativity in providing the breach to the challenges. Identify how your corporation uses capacity skillful-treatment. Categorize the capacity problems in your corporation, and demonstrate incongruous areas for capacity size and skillful-treatment. What ideas of capacity tools and techniques are the best to be filled, rule manage, capacity tools, employee involvement? Consider capacity skillful-treatment programs such as TQM, Six Sigma, ISO9000, etc. How sway these be filled, and which of these do you hold are best for your corporation? This Nursing essay should be approximately 3–5 pages in protraction counting the preliminary, association, and compendium. Include references and name them properly in the Nursing essay. Generally, at last three references should be used. SLP Assignment Expectations First examine a recap of your corporation and collect any affixed counsel encircling it that allure be certain and/or an thrilling contrast to a examineion of capacity and capacity skillful-treatment. Identify at last three areas of ideas of capacity convergence (e.g., issue capacity, etc.). Examine these areas and interpret why capacity is significant. What are some capacity tools and techniques that can be used to chart, diagnose, and emend capacity in these three areas? Discuss the ideas of capacity programs and advise what you hold is the best program or programs for your corporation to use and interpret why. There is no exact or crime reply, so be fanciful and use your comprehension to soothe the Nursing essay. Review all of the instrument for this Module. Use them to aid you create/invent issues encircling capacity and how you would emend. Look for affixed references encircling the idea of vocation you are gratuitous after a while particular counsel encircling fit capacity.