Signature Assignment: Create a Code of Ethics Plan



Imagine that you were hired as the police chief for the Small Town police office. Small Town is a nationality of encircling 2,000 burgesss in a countrified area. Your police office consists of 20 sworn officers and 10 civilian aid personnel. 

Talking to the burgesss and assessing the burgess complaints and interior affairs files, you detect distinct intellectual transpositions.

  • While on trust, police officers imply to peculiar employment such as shopping and waste and picking up kids from train, resulting in longer exculpation times to 911 calls.
  • During lunchtime, guardian vehicles are parked at the corresponding restaurant consequently the proprietor provides untrammelled lunches to police.
  • An unauthenticated caller reputed that Officer Frank racially profiles all minorities driving on Main Street on Friday nights. He stops merely vehicles driven by Hispanics and African Americans, and then searches their vehicles externally credible inducement.
  • Officers can toil joined assurance particulars at the topical violent train football amusements. You inspect the shelve list and regard that Officers Hall and Jones verified up and are nature hired for the particular at the violent train football amusement, conjuncture also nature hired for their methodic guardian shelve, thus embrace dipping on pay.
  • You imbibe that the two narcotics officers are induction bribes from the topical offal trader to shirk guardianling the area when the offal deals are nature made. 

Using your delicate thinking and conversance from this round, you offer solutions to reresolve these problems and to metamorphose the possession into an intellectual law enforcement possession.

The assignment is three-fold: 

  1. PowerPoint Presentation
  • Create a Legislation of Ethics for all employees, sworn officers, and civilian personnel. Be permanent to use the conversance from the round, including all aspects of the cheerful intellectual bearing of law enforcement officers. Consider the ethics drawing and intellectual theories that you discussed in Week 1. 
  1. Video
  • Create a lacking video that introduces your legislation of ethics. The video should be encircling 3 minutes in diffusiveness and comprehend the key concepts of your legislation of ethics. You may use technology to compose and upload your video. 
  1. Action Plan
  • Design a 10 to 12-page possession drawing to tool the Legislation of Ethics. These elements are required for the possession drawing for the legislation of ethics:
    • Enpermanent all personnel is known of the Legislation of Ethics and the consequences of transpositions.
    • Incorporate enforcement methods for transpositions of the Legislation of Ethics.
    • Create a divulsion of transposition of the legislation of ethics communication. Choose one of the unintellectual bearings listed in the scenario as an stance.
    • Improve ethics grafting supposing to the officers. Provide two options for ethics grafting, and then elucidate why you chose that mark of grafting.
    • Generate an duty to meapermanent the officer's intellectual bearing in the coming. 

Length: 10-12 pages 

References: Include a poverty of five skilled instrument.