Posted: February 11th, 2023

short paper

This activity will allow you to explore essential skills needed for project management. Empirical evidence suggests that a project manager’s authority, autonomy, and conflict-management skills are essential for delivering projects within the approved schedule and budget. Create a paper that describes the skills listed below in the context of the organizational structure. Are they essential skills for project managers?AuthorityAutonomyConflict managementMake sure you apply theory, scholarly resources, and course concepts throughout. See attachment for module 1 book, module book should be used at a resource. Here is the citation to use:MindEdge.  (2014).  Learning Module 1, QSO-640.  Project management.  Retrieved from text: (MindEdge, 2014, M 1)DUE SUNDAY BY 6PM MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME~ 12 pt font~ 1: Margins~ 3 pages long not including title and reference pages

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