Posted: February 11th, 2023

self assess 5

1. For each of the categories listed on the left below, identify the racial/ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, religion and social class of the people who were (or are) a part of your life. Use the Matrix below. Consider any differences between close vs. casual relationships.                                  Racial/Ethnicity    Gender   Social Class   Religion  Sexual Orientation Family Childhood close friends Adolescent close friends Child-Adolescent neighbors High School Adolescent romances Adulthood close friends Adulthood acquaintances Adult intimate relationships Current social activities Current neighborhood Place of worship Work environments 2a. What groups (consider a variety) do you feel you can relate to or identify with? Why?   b. What groups (consider a variety) do you feel that you have a particularly difficult time relating to or identifying with? Why? 3. What groups (consider a variety) do you have identifiable negative feelings/thoughts about? Are there groups you are aware of avoiding? Where do these feelings/thoughts come from? 4. What are your thoughts/feelings about interracial/inter-ethnic/interfaith intimate relationships? For others? For yourself? Think about this with respect to a wide range of groups. Where do your feelings and thoughts come from? 5a. What experiences have you had in being the minority? Describe a few. What was that like for you?   b. when you are in the “majority”, how do you interact with the “minority”? When you are in the “minority”, how do you interact with the “majority”? What are your thoughts and feelings in both situations?

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self assess 5
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