Posted: January 24th, 2023

scm discussion 10


  1. identify the three elements of Lean and explain how they work together.
  2. Describe ONE recent situation in which you were directly affected by poor product or service quality.
  3. Discuss the key differences between common and assignable causes of variation. Give examples.
  4. Describe the differences between process capability and process control charts. How should the two be used together?
  5. Hoo-ha karate Club is evaluating their three members for their strength in kicking. The specification range for the power is set between 300 and 350 KG. Given the standard deviation for each member, determine which of the members are capable of kicking within specification. Is this a reasonable measure here? Why or why not?

MemberStandard deviationA40B50C60

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scm discussion 10
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6. Compute and interpret the “C_pk” measure of process capability for the following process:

      LCL = 20, LSL = 12, Process “sigma” = 1, and Process “mu” = 14.

      And also compute the “C_p” measure. Explain the differences.

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