Posted: February 11th, 2023

Scenario Analysis

This assignment will assess the Competency 2: Examine the role of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and other federal and state equal employment opportunity (EEO) legislation within the workplace.Analyze the five scenarios listed below using the law you have learned thus far.  Each analysis should be no less than 150 words in length and follow these guidelines:Double-spaced 12-point Times font One inch margins APA format (Title page, Citations, Reference page) Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuationScenariosAlthea, black, has been a deejay for a local Christian music station for several years. The station gets a new general manager and within a month, he has terminated Althea. The reason he gaives is that it is inappropriate for a black deejay to play music on a white Christian music station. Althea sues the station. What is her best theory for proceeding? Saeid, a Muslim, alleges that his supervisor made numerous remarks belittling his Muslim religion. Arabs generally, and him specifically. The comments were not made in the context of a specific employment decision affecting Saeid. Is this sufficient for the court to find discriminatory ill will? A construction company was sued for harassment when it failed to take seriously the complaints about offensive graffiti scrawled on rented portable toilets. The employer defended itself by saying (1) employees should be used to such rude and crude behavior; (2) the employer did not own or maintain the equipment, which came with graffiti already on it; (3) it took action after a formal employee complaint; and (4) the graffiti insulted everyone. Will these defenses be successful? A day care center has a policy stating that no employee can be over 5 feet 4 inches because the employer thinks children feel more comfortable with people who are closer to them in size. Does Tiffany, who is 5 feet 7 inches, have a claim? If so, under what theory could she proceed? During the interview Gale had with Leslie Accounting Firm, Gale was asked whether she had any children, whether she planned to have any more children, to what church she belonged, and what her husband did for a living. Are these questions illegal? Explain.

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Scenario Analysis
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